Fresh Frozen PTO Shrimp

White leg shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei) also known as Pacific white shrimp

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To provide this product shrimp is peeled but the 1st terminal segment and tail remain on the shrimp, which enhances the shrimp’s final size and adds visual appeal to your presentation. This product is deveined and ready for cooking.

Production type:



60/70, 70/80


Natural smell


The taste of fresh shrimp



Block (as the requests of customers)

Packaging Details:

Box, 6 pieces * 2kg in a master carton or Bulk, 2 pieces * 6kg in a master carton (as the requests of customers)

We carry out strict quality controls of our shrimps in origin, so we can offer our clients premium quality. Atlas Persian Gulf Shrimp is offering one of the best qualities of PTO right now and you can get it just by connecting to us. And we will deliver this to you.

Why to buy BEST SHRIMP products?

  • shrimp cultivation in semi-intensive ponds
  • antibiotics free, fungicides free and free of any non-standard and harmful substances for humans
  • lower transportation cost for west Asia, Europe and Russia
  • competitive price

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