What is CHOSO shrimp?

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Shrimp is one of the most delicious and popular seafood in the world. Do you have information about its consumption around the world? Let’s take a look at the statistics.

According to the latest published statistics, shrimp consumption in the world is approximately 9 billion pounds per year. 1.7 billion pounds are consumed in the United States.

In 2021, the global shrimp market was worth approximately $38 billion. It is predicted that this value will reach $85 billion in 2030.

According to reports, the demand for shrimp is increasing worldwide. What is causing this increase in demand?

Shrimp is a rich source of protein, iodine, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition to its unique taste, this valuable seafood improves bone and brain health, lowers blood pressure, and reduces eye fatigue. Government policies to promote shrimp consumption, an increase in the number of retail chains around the world, and the proliferation of online sales channels are all factors contributing to the increase in global demand for shrimp.

As we all know, only 25% of the shrimp consumed is wild-caught, the rest is farmed. Before reaching the consumer market, shrimp is transported to processing plants where it is processed and packaged. There are several types of shrimp processing and packaging. Shrimp products are as follows:







Another type of shrimp product is cooked head-on, shell-on shrimp, called CHOSO for short. This product is less produced than other products but has its own clientele.

Production steps of CHOSO shrimp

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in the processing and preparation of CHOSO shrimp in the factory.

First, if the shrimp are frozen, they must be defrosted. In one of the previous articles, we examined how shrimp defrosted in the factory. Defrosting in the factory is often carried out in tanks of still water. It means that the shrimp are placed in large tanks of water to be defrosted.

Since this type of product is head-on, shell-on, there is no need to peel the shrimp.

After defrosting, the shrimp are placed in the cooking machine and cooked until pink. This time is short, about a few minutes. It depends on the size of the shrimp. Larger shrimp will take a longer time to cook.

After cooking, shrimp are placed in the IQF machine for individual freezing. IQF freezing has a great effect on maintaining the quality and texture of the shrimp. The shrimp remain in the IQF machine for approximately ten minutes. Glazing is performed after the shrimp are removed from the machine.

Glazing is the application of a layer of ice on the surface of the product to protect it from drying and oxidation.

The shrimp are then weighed and packaged. The packaging varies depending on the buyer’s requirements. Shrimp are usually packed in two-kilo boxes. Product specifications such as weight, product type, production date, company and country of production, etc. are printed on the packaging.

Finally, these two-kilo boxes are put in large cartons and transferred to cold storage. They remain in cold storage until they’re loaded.

CHOSO shrimp uses

CHOSO shrimp has a better taste than peeled shrimp due to its head and shell. In addition, it has a high nutritional value.

CHOSO shrimp can be used alone or mixed with other foods.

To consume it, you can heat it up for a few minutes and eat it.

When consuming CHOSO, you can remove the head and shell. Of course, some people may prefer to eat shrimp with the shell on, which is not a problem at all.

CHOSO Shrimp can be used in soup, salad, pasta, cocktail, etc.

CHOSO shrimp can be served with different sauces.

CHOSO is widely used in food services such as restaurants and hotels.

Bushehr province, one of the CHOSO shrimp producers

CHOSO Shrimp has its own customers and applicants. The most famous types of CHOSO shrimp are CHOSO Monodon and CHOSO Vannamei shrimp. Bushehr Province produces high-quality CHOSO Vannamei shrimp. Bushehr Province is the first shrimp producer in Iran. Last year, it produced about 38,000 tons of high-quality Vannamei shrimp. A large part of this was exported to other countries.

Bushehr’s processing factories produce large quantities of CHOSO shrimp and export them to various countries. Russia is one of the main buyers of Bushehr CHOSO shrimp, purchasing a large quantity of this product every year.

Our company, Atlas Meigoo Khalij Fars, is located in Bushehr province. We are one of the producers of all kinds of Vannamei shrimp products with exemplary quality. We offer various products to the world market and try to meet the tastes and demands of all customers. Please contact us and place your order if you are interested in purchasing the highest quality CHOSO shrimp or other products. The quality of our products is our guarantee.

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