Value-added shrimp products (first part)

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Processing means performing any operations on agricultural, livestock or fishery products that are converted into semi-finished or ready-made food products.

Seafood has attracted the attention of consumers all over the world due to its nutritious sources, including protein. The aquaculture industry has been developing in recent years and the consumer’s need for diverse and semi-finished products has simultaneously increased. The seafood markets are becoming more competitive daily and the producers of this field have turned to new processing methods in order to gain more profits.

Shrimp is one of the most popular seafood and has the highest potential for export in the aquaculture industry. The consumption of finished and semi-finished products is increasing in the world. One of the most important reasons can be pointed to the change in people’s lifestyle in the world. Nowadays, working parents have less time for cooking and tend to use more semi-prepared or ready-made products. Advertisements on television, magazines, and cyberspace are another reason for the increase in the consumption of these types of products.

Shrimp products  have a relatively large variety. In this article, we examine the most consumed shrimp products, or in other words, value-added shrimp products in the world market.

1-Dried shrimp

in processing factories, small shrimp are cooked after being completely washed, then their skin and head are removed. Next, they are dried and processed in different packages with standard methods and special equipment. Due to its low calorie, low fat content and long shelf life, this product has a special place in Asian and European countries. This product is used both as a nut and for food preparation.

2- Shrimp chips

shrimp chips or shrimp crackers are colorful fried chips that are usually served in Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants. These chips are shrimp flavored and prepared with food colors, pepper and garlic. This product is considered a type of snack.

3- Flavored shrimp

one of the ready-made products is flavored shrimp, which is offered in different flavors in different countries, depending on people’s tastes. The production method is that after removing the skin and head and washing the shrimp, they are put in different seasonings to get the taste. Then they are frozen and sent to the market in different packages. The most popular flavors of this product include pepper, garlic, vegetables, butter and saffron. This product is also produced in Iran and many consumers buy it.

4-Shrimp Burger

to prepare this product, after washing and draining the shrimp, they mix it with garlic, bread powder, salt and spices and make it into a burger with special equipment. After freezing and packaging, this product will be sent to the markets. To serve it, it is enough to fry the burger pieces in oil and eat with bread, vegetables and sauce.

5- Shrimp noodles

the main producers of this product are Japan, Korea and China, but this product is produced and consumed in most Asian countries. To prepare it, wheat flour is kneaded by a machine and cooked. Then they make it into thin threads and dry them. Furthermore, shrimp extract powder, pepper, garlic, salt and food coloring are added and packed. This product needs a very short cooking time and it is enough for the consumer to boil the noodles in water for three minutes, then add other contents to it.

6- Canned shrimp

second or third grade shrimp are used to prepare this product. It is produced in Asian, European and American countries. To produce it, after cleaning and washing, the shrimp are cooked in special devices, oil, seasoning and preservatives are added to it, and they are packed in a can. One of the important advantages of this product is its pleasant smell and ease of use. To consume it, you just have to boil the can in water for about 20 minutes and then eat it.

7-Smoked shrimp

this product is generally prepared and consumed in European countries. To produce it, the skin and head of the shrimp are removed. Then they are boiled for three minutes in salt water. After draining, the shrimp are fried in oil and smoked in the kiln. Finally, they are frozen, packaged and sent to the market.

8- Fried shrimp

it is a ready-to-cook product that is usually produced in American and Asian countries. In the factory, after cleaning and washing the large shrimp, they are soaked in spices and eggs, then coated with breadcrumbs and fried. After defrosting, the consumer should fry the shrimp in oil for a short time.

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