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If you go to buy shrimp in the seafood market, there will be this question: which size of shrimp do you need? If it is your first time, you will be confused and say to yourself, do the shrimp also have size? Yes! Shrimp are sold all over the world based on size. If you don’t know the size of shrimp, don’t worry, we will answer your question.  

Different sizes of shrimp

The shrimp size scale is kilogram or pound. A kilogram scale is used for head-on shrimps, and a pound scale is used for headless shrimps. Two numbers are considered for each scale; A small number and a big number.

For example, if you see the number 51/60 on a shrimp package, it means that there are 51 to 60 shrimp in one pound of this package. The number closer to 51 indicates that the shrimp are bigger. Now, let’s see the common sizes along with their special name. The scale of these sizes is the shrimp number per pound and is used for headless shrimp.

Extra colossal    U/10

Super colossal   U/12

Colossal   U/15

Extra Jumbo 16/20

Jumbo 21/25

Extra-large 26/30

Large 31/35

Medium Large 36/40

Medium 41/50

Small 51/60

Extra small 61/70

Tiny   71+

The standard-bearer of this scale is known as King Shrimp and has its supporters. The last chain of this scale is tiny shrimp, which despite its small size, has a good taste and is used in many dishes. If you want to know more about this little delicacy, follow our article to the end.

Tiny shrimp        

In the standard size of shrimp, when there are 71 or more shrimp in one pound, they are known as tiny shrimp. Shrimp contains high protein and is considered a rich source of iron, phosphorus and sodium. Tiny Shrimp with its small and cute appearance, that can be eaten with one bite, has all these excellent properties and its unique taste cannot be ignored.

Products made by Tiny Shrimp

Based on the customers’ taste and demand, shrimp processing factories are more careful than ever to prepare and process shrimp.

Tiny shrimp are generally used to prepare canned shrimp. Canned shrimp is one of the value-added shrimp products and it has many fans due to its ease of consumption.

Tiny shrimp are also a very suitable choice to make the salad. This product includes a package of peeled and cooked shrimp, which consumers use to make salad and noodles.

This nourishing delicacy has also found its place into people’s snacks. Tiny shrimps are used to produce dry shrimp, which is considered one of the most delicious and healthy snacks and is very popular among children.

In some countries, as Iran, tiny shrimp are used to cook different types of food. One of the most famous dishes is “polo meigoo”, in which its ingredients are tiny shrimp, rice, and special spices. The residents of coastal cities have the chance to buy fresh tiny shrimp from their local markets and enjoy their delicious taste.

Is it possible to eat raw shrimp?

Perhaps there will be this question “does tiny shrimp need to be cooked despite its small size?” Our answer is yes.

In some cultures, especially in Japan and China, raw shrimp are consumed. The level of contamination in shrimp is less than other animals and birds, but shrimp meat may contain viruses and bacteria that are harmful to health. Therefore, to prevent poisoning, it is better to cook tiny shrimp first and then eat them.

Shrimp consumption pattern in the past and present

It may be interesting to know that although most of the world’s shrimp are produced in developing countries, they are consumed by developed countries about 70 to 75 percent.

Societies and governments use the world index and per capita consumption standard to get the amount of shrimp consumption in their population. Per capita consumption means the amount of consumption per person in a year. To calculate the per capita consumption of shrimp in a country, the total amount of shrimp consumed in a year is divided by the population of that country.

According to FAO statistics, Japan has the highest per capita consumption of shrimp, which is 3.28 kilograms. The second rank is the United States with 1.3 kilograms.

Large and medium shrimp are the most popular sizes. Who doesn’t enjoy a meal of fried large shrimp with family and friends? But in recent years, the tendency and consumption pattern of individuals has been changed. One of the most important reasons is the price of shrimp. Shrimp is a relatively expensive product and its price has been increasing in recent years. There are various reasons as the high cost of transportation, the increase in the price of marine fuel, that originated from political developments and economic relations, the increase in demand for shrimp and etc. The increase in shrimp price, along with the economic inflation of societies (especially in underdeveloped countries), has caused people to consume smaller and tiny shrimp, because people prefer to buy more shrimp for the money they pay.

Although there are some people who believe that the tiny shrimps are sweeter and crispier and are considered a smarter choice.

What is your opinion? Do you also prefer tiny shrimp?

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