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Surely you have heard the term “startup”; or maybe you are even thinking of creating a startup yourself. What exactly is a startup? There are many definitions of what a startup is. The clearest definition of a startup tells us: “A startup is a young business created by one or more people. These businesses are created to fill a need, are scalable and repeatable, and typically grow rapidly.”

At first glance, the startup seems to be a very new concept. But it is interesting to know that the first startups were created in the 90s. The birthplace of startups is the state of California in the United States, in the region known as Silicon Valley, where most of the world’s technology giants were born. We can mention IBM, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. among the first and most famous startups that appeared in Silicon Valley.

Today, the startup phenomenon is no longer limited to Silicon Valley and America but has become a global concept. Different industries have created different startups in all parts of the world, and the phenomenon continues to grow.

The aquaculture industry, as a major supplier of protein to the world’s population, is no exception. In recent years, we have witnessed the emergence of several aquaculture startups that promise a bright future.

In this article, we will take a look at the most prominent shrimp farming startups in the world.

1. XpertSea

XpertSea is one of the most prominent aquaculture startups in the world. This startup was founded in Canada and has significantly changed the aquaculture indusrty. XpertSea’s way of working is to collect data using machine learning and artificial intelligence. With this technology, aquaculture farmers use a special device to check the information related to the aquatic animals, such as their growth and health, and then enter the data into their accounts. Knowing the exact number of aquatic animals helps to avoid adding extra food to the aquatic breeding areas. Reducing waste and increasing profits is one of the main benefits of using this technology.

In addition, xpertSea offers the opportunity to connect aquaculture farmers and buyers around the world. This will expand economic activity and streamline transactions.

2- Jala

Jala is another startup founded in 2015 by farmers in Indonesia, one of the world’s top shrimp-producing countries.

Startup Jala uses the Internet of Things and machine learning technology to maximize farm efficiency.

This startup uses specialized hardware and software to accurately measure the quality of pond water. It helps farmers to fully monitor the health of their ponds. The Jala platform helps improve farm management by collecting information on shrimp growth and health, predicting harvest time, and predicting the occurrence of risks.

Another advantage of this startup is the existence of a market that connects shrimp farmers and processing plants. In addition, the Jala startup offers shrimp consumers the ability to track products throughout the production chain.

Achieving sustainable shrimp production through the use of automated feeders and recirculation systems is an important goal of this startup.

3- Delos Aqua

The Delos Aqua startup is another active startup in the shrimp farming industry. This startup uses the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology to improve water quality and optimal management of shrimp farming.

With its systems, Delos Aqua startup can control the growth rate, health status, and nutrition of shrimp. By precisely controlling water parameters, it improves water quality and reduces shrimp farming costs.

This startup believes that the success of a shrimp farm depends on 4 factors:

A. Having the right and efficient technology

B. Finding the best team to implement the best management practices

C. Having the right scientific approach

D. Having the right supply chain integration strategy

4- AquaConnect

The story of this startup starts like this: “A technology expert and a shrimp farmer met by chance on a train in India and formed a team that would eventually change the way a $6 billion industry does business”.

The overall goal of the AquaConnect startup is to build the largest shrimp farming network in India.

AquaConnect was founded in 2022 and currently has more than 3,000 farmers and 600 suppliers and buyers as members.

AquaConnect helps farmers get access to quality post-larvae and provides them with their needs during the rearing period such as feed, probiotics, chemicals, etc. in a cost-effective manner.

The startup also has a call center that provides technical expertise to farmers. It also provides market access to farmers at harvest time.

5- Land Ocean Farm

In the past, land-based shrimp farming seemed difficult or even impossible. But now experts in the shrimp farming industry believe that these farms can be profitable.

The idea for Land Ocean Farm came from two British restaurateurs. Dissatisfied with the quality of imported products, they concluded that they could use the energy generated by anaerobic digestion to set up land-based shrimp farms.

They believe that with the development of technology and communication networks, it is possible to achieve a healthy, high-quality, pollution-free product at an affordable price.

The Land Ocean Farm startup is trying to help shrimp farmers produce their own products by using the excess heat from anaerobic digesters.

The overall goal of this startup is to promote the use of new technologies in the food industry.

The startups featured in this article are just a few of the startups in the shrimp farming industry. As knowledge and technology expand and newer tools become more efficient, more startups will emerge.

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