Shrimp farming feeding system

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Farm feeding can be done in two ways:

  •    Manual feeding system
  •    Automatic feeding system

Manual feeding system

In the manual feeding system, by training and acquiring skills in manual feeding, the breeder will be able to visually evaluate the nutritional behavior of shrimps. Baby shrimp usually roam the sides of the pool, so it is best to spread the starter shrimp food near the wall of the pool. The starting food for the shrimp is small, so using the manual feeding method will cause the food to be more properly dispersed for the shrimp. When spreading the food, you should pay attention to the wind flow so that the food is distributed properly in the pool. As the shrimp get bigger, they should be in the middle of the pool; so, the spray food should be in that direction.

automatic feeding system

In the automatic feeding system, the feeder machine is equipped with a motor and a timer. Adjusting the feeding time and rest time depends on factors such as the size of the shrimp, the density of the shrimp, the amount of feed, and the size of the pellets. In an automatic feeding system, small amounts of feed are distributed at short intervals and regularly over a large area of ​​the water surface. As a result, the possibility of food accumulation on the pool floor decreases, and water quality increases.

Food throw radius (10 to 20 meters) depends on the following factors:

– Engine power

– Diameter, length, and size of sprayer tube

 – Distance of sprayer tube to water level

The intervals that must be observed when using the automatic feeder:

   – Distance of the feeder pipe to the water level (60 to 70 cm)

   – Distance of food tray from the feeder (1 to 1.5 cm)

   – Aeration distance from the feeder (5 m after the end of the throw radius)

Half an hour after each feeding, the feeding trays should be checked, and the next meal should be increased or decreased according to the amount of food eaten. If extra food is left on the tray, reduce the feeding time or increase the rest time.

To place the feeder machine and food tray, paths are built in the pools called catwalks.

Catwalks are wooden or concrete paths that allow access to the inside of the pool. The importance of having a catwalk:

-Placement of feeders

-Measurement of water parameters

-The location of the food tray

Another feeding method is the Brazilian method. In this method, trays are installed at regular intervals throughout the pool, and all food at each meal is distributed between the trays. In this way, the pollution of the pool floor is minimized. But a lot of manpower is needed.

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