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What is the main advantage of shrimp wholesale in Iran?

Government subsidies, cheap expert labor, and economic production inputs, along with low processing, trading, and transportation costs, reduce the total cost of shrimp production in Iran. The low production price and the high quality of the product are the most important competitive advantages of Iran’s shrimp for export to international aquatic markets. These competitive features have caused new markets to be added to Iran’s farmed shrimp customers in recent years.

What is the main problem of shrimp wholesale in Iran?

The major problem of shrimp wholesale in Iran is the shortage or lack of product in the idle season of the farms, which makes it impossible to supply shrimp for export in high volume on a permanent basis. Therefore, shrimp wholesalers and exporters should try to supply all the orders needed by their customers during the harvesting season. Usually, the shrimp harvesting season in Iran starts from early August and lasts until the end of December. (please read this post about Iran’s shrimp production time chart) It should be noted that if the amount of Iran’s shrimp production is more than the initial demand of the seafood market, the reserves in cold stores and processing companies can be used to supply the product in the rest of the year.

How can Atlas Meigoo help your business?

Today, more consumers are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly items when selecting to eat. By using organic farm-raised shrimp in your business, you can maximize that interest and bring in more customers.

The main part of the exported shrimp from Iran is produced by aquaculture facilities located on the north Persian Gulf coast. It is interesting to know that the Atlas Meigoo products are hatched, raised, and harvested right here in Bushehr. We use the best farming practices when raising our shrimp, emphasizing sustainably raised and environmentally conscious. In addition, we have agreements with Iranian aquaculture operations to sell us their farm-raised shrimp directly, so we can guarantee the quality.

We use fresh Litopenaeus vannamei shrimp in the processing plant in the cleanest possible environment, which operates under the supervision of experts of the Veterinary Organization of Iran, therefore, you can place your order with confidence.

Wholesale shrimp products we sell include:

  1. Fresh Frozen HOSO Vannamei Shrimp
  2. Fresh Frozen HLSO Vannamei Shrimp
  3. Fresh Frozen PTO Vannamei Shrimp
  4. Fresh Frozen PUD Vannamei Shrimp
  5. Fresh Frozen PD Vannamei Shrimp

To buy wholesale shrimp, please visit our shrimp product pages. We have competitive prices in the market.

We have the following product sizes:

Available shrimp product sizes, the smaller number the bigger the shrimp size.

If you are looking for a wholesale organic seafood supplier dedicated to providing the very best wholesale shrimp delivery experience available for your business, then you have come to the right place.

We proudly serve wholesalers, retailers, distributors, online shops, large-chain restaurants, hotels, and more. Contact one of our sales experts today. We’re happy to help.

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