How to defrost shrimp

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Shrimp is one of the important sources of protein. It has high nutritional value and plays an important role in feeding the growing world population. The limited time to catch shrimp and no access to it during the year has made people always look for ways to keep and store shrimp for a longer period of time. Throughout history, various methods have emerged to preserve shrimp such as drying, using a mixture of ice and salt and putting it under the snow.

Freezing is one of the best ways to preserve shrimp. In addition to minimizing the changes in shrimp tissue, freezing also prevents the growth of bacteria.

As you know, appropriate and good freezing has a great effect on shrimp quality; But this is one side of the story. Defrosting shrimp also affects its quality and should be done in the best way. Defrosting means increasing the temperature of the product above the freezing point.

Most of us prefer the fastest way to defrost shrimp, but it is not necessarily the best. The most suitable and safest way of thawing is the method that causes the least change in the shrimp texture and quality and preserves its nutritional value.

How to defrost shrimp in the factory?

In the processing factories, after performing basic steps such as washing, sizing, weighing, etc., the shrimp are frozen in order to be processed at the right time. To process shrimp, they are first defrosted. It is done in several ways in processing factories, which include:

1- Use of static or moving air

2- Use of still or moving water

3- Use of electrical systems

4- Use of the vacuum method

5- Use of a microwave

6- Use of radio frequency

The most common methods to defrost shrimp at home:

1) Defrosting at room temperature:

In this way, you need to remove the shrimp from the freezer and place it on the kitchen counter in a tray. Defrosting takes about two hours at the temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

2) Defrosting in the refrigerator:

If you have enough time and you have already decided to cook shrimp for the upcoming meal, you can take them out of the freezer, then put the shrimp in a plastic container in the refrigerator to thaw. Make sure that the fridge temperature is about 4 degrees. In this method, defrosting takes about 6 hours. Then these shrimp should be consumed within 48 hours.

3) Defrosting in microwaves:

Using a microwave is the fastest way to defrost shrimp. For this purpose, after placing the frozen shrimps in the device, select the defrost option. This option automatically reduces the power of the microwave and prevents half-cooked shrimp. Typically, shrimp are thawed for three to five minutes. If you use this method, be sure to consume the shrimp immediately after defrosting.

4) Defrosting in cold water:

Fill a large bowl with cold water; Place the frozen shrimps in the container with its zip-top bag and let the defrosting process take place. To prevent the growth of the bacteria, change the water every thirty minutes. The time required for defrosting in cold water is about one to two hours.

The best way to defrost shrimp

Different methods of defrosting have different effects on the texture and nutritional value of shrimp. Researchers have conducted several experiments and tried to find out the most appropriate way to defrost by comparing different methods of defrosting and examining their effects.

Based on the experiments, the percentage of fat, protein and moisture in the refrigerator method is higher than other methods, and the percentage of saturated fatty acids is lower than others. Moreover, the amount of spoilage factors is lower too. Therefore, this method will have less effects on shrimp quality and will preserve the shrimp nutritional value.

The dos and don’ts in defrosting shrimp

Well, we described the different methods to defrost shrimp and introduced the best method; Now it is time to know the dos and don’ts in defrosting shrimp:

– Do not use hot water to defrost shrimp.

– Avoid defrosting the shrimp for several times; Because it has harmful effects on the shrimp quality.

– If you have kept the shrimp out of the refrigerator for more than two hours, do not refreeze them.

– Do not defrost in inappropriate places (as in the car or contaminated places).

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