How to choose the best shrimp?

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Almost all people in the world agree on the usefulness and nutrition of shrimp, and there are few people who are not interested in this valuable product.

When you go to the seafood market to buy shrimp, the wide variety of products may confuse you and choosing the right shrimp may be challenging. In this article, we provide some solutions so that you can make the best choice.

What are the characteristics of healthy and fresh shrimp?

In choosing shrimp, the most important issue is its healthiness and freshness. If you think that all the shrimp, that are available in the market, are just caught, unfortunately we have to say that you are wrong and this is not always the case. So, be with us to explain the methods of distinguishing healthy and fresh shrimp from rotten and unhealthy shrimp.

While purchasing shrimp, there are several signs that will help you choose the healthiest and freshest shrimp.

1- Shrimp smell: one point is to smell the shrimp. Fresh shrimp smells like the smell of the sea. But rotten shrimp has an unpleasant smell, or it may smell of ammonia. Make sure to check this.

2- Shrimp head: in fresh and healthy shrimp, its head is attached to the body, it is not broken or loose, and there are no red or black spots on it.

3-Shrimp eyes: fresh and healthy shrimp have clear and fresh eyes. If their eyes are dry and dark, it means that they are not fresh.

4- Color of shrimp: The color of fresh and healthy shrimp is clear and uniform. If its color is dark and cloudy, avoid buying it.

If you intend to buy frozen shrimp packs, be sure to pay attention to the date on it.

5- Shrimp freshness: Another solution is to press your finger on the shrimp body. If the shrimp is not fresh, it will not spring back when you press your finger on its body. But when the shrimp is fresh, its body is flexible and quickly returns to its original state.

What kind of shrimp is appropriate for me?

If the shrimp, you intended to buy, passes the health and freshness test, you can buy it; Otherwise, avoid buying it.

But wait. This is not the whole story. You know that there are many varieties of shrimp products in the market. If you want to make a smart and appropriate choice, you should consider the following:

1Size: We talked about shrimp sizes and scale before. Head-on shrimps are divided into different sizes based on their number per kilo and the other kinds are divided based on their number per pound. The smaller the number sizes the larger shrimp and vice versa. The shrimp size does not affect its taste and quality, but bear in mind that different dishes and cooking methods require different sizes. For example, if you use the smallest size to make breaded shrimp, the result will not be interesting.

2- Fresh or frozen: If you have access to the seafood market and need shrimp for daily use, we recommend fresh shrimp. But fresh shrimp is not available in all seasons. A large percentage of shrimp in the market are frozen. Fresh shrimp can be stored in the refrigerator for about 24 hours, while frozen shrimp are processed in the factories with advanced technologies and can be stored for months without losing quality and texture.

You have another choice and that is dried shrimp. It is a value-added product whose ease of use and easy storage has increased its popularity. Dried shrimp are used as snacks and in salads, pasta, etc.

3- Whole or peeled shrimp: The shrimp shell keeps its texture and moisture during cooking, but it may be difficult to remove the shell when eating. Peeled shrimp is more attractive, but it may have lost its flavor a little bit. Of course, how you serve is also important. For example, if you want to grill shrimp, it is better to buy whole shrimp, and for making shrimp sandwich, peeled shrimp is the best choice. Shrimp are also available with or without heads, veins, and tails. You can buy whole shrimp and do all the cleaning steps by yourself. Another recommendation for you! If you are going to buy fresh shrimp, buy the whole shrimp. Otherwise, headless and shell-on shrimp is a good choice.

4- Raw or cooked shrimp: In general, the taste and texture is better if you cook it yourself. However, many people prefer cooked shrimp because it saves time. If you are looking for a quick and delicious meal or appetizer, cooked shrimp are a great option for salads and cocktails.

Shrimp Sustainability

The issue of sustainable production in the shrimp industry has become one of the most important issues for several years. Sustainability means correct and optimal use of existing resources and preserving them for future generations. Among the components that indicate sustainable production, we can mention not harming the environment, a production cycle without waste, and not exploiting the labor force.

Regarding this, organizations and institutions such as Sustainable Shrimp Partnership have been formed with the aim of ensuring sustainable shrimp production. Developed and developing societies are increasingly informing and encouraging their people to use sustainable products. While buying a product, people can be sure of the sustainability of its production through the approval labels on the product packaging.

Product Traceability

The food industry is moving in a direction that allows the consumer to fully track the product in all stages by using new technologies and traceability systems. To achieve this purpose, various software has been developed which are easily installed on smartphones. Among the software used in the shrimp industry, we can mention Food Trust, which was launched in cooperation with the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership and the famous IBM company.

The shrimp goes through different stages during its journey; hatchery center, farm, processing plant and finally store. The tracking system allows the buyer to view all the stages of product production and all related information within a few seconds by scanning the QR codes on the packaging at the time of purchase. This gives the consumer confidence and also makes the choice easier for him. Companies producing and supplying marine products are rapidly adopting this technology, and it has become one of the competitive factors in this industry.

For us, in Atlas Meigoo Khalij Fars Company, consumer satisfaction and health are the most important factors. We are proud of the quality and freshness of our products and we intend to share all the stages of our production with you in the near future. Wait for our story.

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