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Global shrimp market 

According to latest reports of the seafood market, the global shrimp market reached a value of US$ 62.8 Billion in 2021. According to forecasts, the aquaculture industry expects the market to reach US$ 84.2 Billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.8% during 2022-2027. Based on the Aquaculture magazine report, Ecuador is the first country to produce 1 million tons of shrimp. This would make it the world’s largest producer of shrimp. In a ranking published by the magazine, Ecuador is at the forefront of shrimp production in 2021, followed by China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, South America, Mexico, Central America, the United States, and Europe. Iran’s share in global shrimp production is 1.04% with a production volume of 45,000-47,000 tons, which makes this country rank 12th among shrimp producers.

Iran’s competitive advantages in the Middle East shrimp industry

today we are witnessing extensive Middle East shrimp export to various countries around the world. Fortunately, shrimp exports in Iran are experiencing a very good boom and the main reason for this is shrimp farming in ideal volume and with very good quality. Iran can definitely be considered one of the largest shrimp producers in the world.

Iran has comparative advantages for shrimp farming and producing because of the appropriate ecosystems and suitable weather in the Persian Gulf region for the growth of shrimp. The shrimp farming future of Iran, which has 4 southern provinces by the sea with a total coastal length of 2043 kilometers, is also beneficial.  This unique geographical situation has led many farmers and fishermen in the region to become interested in shrimp farming. Hence, shrimp farming as the leading sector of economic aquaculture plays an important role in the agriculture economic growth of the country and makes it possible to generate revenue totaling several million dollars per year from exporting to foreign seafood markets.

The marine shrimp culture of Iran has been continuously developed for more than 28 years. Today, it can be said that Iran is an emerging hub for shrimp farming, processing, and exporting in the Middle East region. Moreover, most of the shrimp processing and packing plants in Iran use modern technologies as well as more effective processing methods than regional competitors. Hence, they can satisfactorily export shrimp Items to respond to the needs of various importing countries. Iranian farms also have a reputation for premium quality and chemical/antibiotic residue-free shrimp products in international seafood markets. Therefore, the export of shrimp products from Iran has a comparative advantage in comparison with major regional competitors such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

According to the 2020 report from the Aquatic Production and Trade Union, Iran had a total shrimp farming area of roughly 13000 hectares. Almost all of the shrimp-producing areas comprised Pacific white shrimp farming. Iran’s major trade partner countries for shrimp products are China, Russia, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, and the European Union, among others. more than 80% of shrimp produced in the country is exported to be sold in international markets in the form of fresh shrimp, chilled or frozen shrimp, and products from shrimp in various forms.

Bushehr is the leader of Iran’s shrimp industry

Shrimp farming studies in Bushehr began in 1995 at the Persian Gulf Fisheries Research Center, but until 1999, shrimp production remained exclusive to sea fishing, and in the following years, due to the reduction of aquatic resources due to overfishing, approaches toward shrimp production in non-agricultural land was diverted to help restore marine reserves. For this purpose, the pioneer shrimp farms in Bushehr Province, namely the Rood Helle site, entered the production phase.

In 1996, the first private shrimp farm in Bushehr province harvested 65 tons, and a suitable situation was provided for the development of shrimp farms on a commercial scale in other parts of the country. Today, a chain of businesses such as shrimp hatchery centers, feed production factories, processing, and packaging industries, export and logistics has been established in the coastal provinces of Iran to produce more than 50000 tons of farm-raised shrimp per year.

The activity of 34 aquatic processing centers in Bushehr, most of which have valid export and health permits, has made it possible to export shrimp products to European countries such as Spain, Russia, France, and Germany, which directly earned 110 million dollars for Iran’s aquaculture industry last year. All the positive features mentioned above make Bushehr province the main hub of shrimp farming in Iran.

The position of BEST SHRIMP in Bushehr shrimp industry

BEST SHRIMP roots began at the Port of Bushehr on the southwest coast of Iran. Over the last 50 years, BEST SHRIMP’s family business has been fishing in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Continuing its fisheries activities expansion, BEST SHRIMP entered the shrimp farming in 2014. Today, BEST SHRIMP is one of the top 20 seafood commerce companies in the Iran. For decades, BEST SHRIMP customers have been the top priority. Everything we do is designed to deliver high quality and healthy shrimp products. BEST SHRIMP delivers the best product because we control every aspect in the production and distribution chain – from farm to market.

Production and export of organic shrimp in Iran and its export to Middle Eastern countries, in today’s market is very prosperous. Today, people prefer to buy export shrimp and the main reason for this is the very acceptable and proven quality of export shrimp. Of course, if this purchase is done directly, buyers will definitely face an ideal price because in the direct purchase method, all intermediaries are eliminated and naturally the profit due to the existence of intermediaries is also eliminated.

At BEST SHRIMP, we carry out all stages of farming, processing and exporting shrimp directly and without intermediaries, which reduces the cost of shrimp, so you can place your order with more confidence. The competitive price of BEST SHRIMP products allows our customers to experience the pleasant feeling of buying at a fair price in addition to receiving high-quality organic shrimp. You can refer to the article that was previously published on this site with the title “……….” to get more information and learn about the shrimp production process at BEST SHRIMP.


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