Factors affecting Iran’s export shrimp prices

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Shrimp is the main seafood commodity traded internationally and is exported by over 100 countries, with a growing proportion of the total supply coming from aquaculture farms. That’s why the shrimp culture can have an important role in the economic growth of Iran, however, the shrimp industry is highly dependent on the world market. Hence, the price of shrimp in Iran is dependent on economic conditions in the world market, such as the economic growth in trading countries, non-tariff barriers, demand and supply in the seafood market, and global shrimp prices. The economic factors in the country that also affect shrimp prices include the exchange rate, Fluctuation of input prices, shrimp disease, climate change, demand, and supply in the domestic market.

Such important information will be helpful to shrimp farmers, entrepreneurs, processing factories as well as private business sectors that export shrimp products to the international markets to be used in the decision-making, production management, and strategic planning in business for maximum effectiveness. Apart from the macroeconomic indicators impacting aquaculture commodity prices in Iran, the evidence also reveals that the prices at various levels have an influence on each other, such as the relationship among farm-gate prices, wholesale prices, retail prices, export prices, and world seafood market prices.

Moreover, several related industries are able to have comparative advantages and Competitive effectiveness in the global shrimp market such as processing plants, shrimp feed companies, marine feed industries, medicine and chemical supplies, export business of shrimp products, and so on. In addition, the political conditions and economic situation, both domestically and internationally, are fluctuating, which may cause positive or negative effects on the prices of shrimp.

The empirical results show that export shrimp prices and export volume have a long-run relationship with the farm-gate prices in Iran. Meanwhile, the shrimp price in the domestic market is simultaneously affected by the farm gate price and the exchange rate. Surveys show that there is a positive relationship between the export price and farm gate price in Iran because more than 80% of Iran’s farmed shrimp are exported to international markets. Therefore, importers can supply

Iran’s exports shrimp at a competitive price by connecting with farms that have a lower cost price.

Other influential factors on the final price of exported shrimp

  • Species Of shrimp 
  • Shrimp size
  • Fresh or frozen
  • Sorting and personnel costs
  • Processing method
  • Packing form
  • Transportation
  • Customs fee

Competitive Advantages of BEST SHRIMP

If you plan to supply shrimp from Iran’s seafood market, know that farm-gate shrimp prices tend to influence export shrimp prices at a high level. Usually, with the increase in shrimp production costs, the cost price of each kilogram of the product will rise. At Atlas Meigoo, we strive to produce organic shrimp products with high quality and competitive prices.

ATLAS MEYGOO KHALIJ FARS is a private limited company in farming, processing, packaging, and exporting Shrimp and has established a name in the seafood market through its Brand “Atlas Meigoo”. The company is into the shrimp aquaculture business for the last 7 years and has gained good recognition in the Iran fisheries industry.

This company has obtained all domestic certifications as well as international certifications like Best Aquaculture Practice (BAP). Presently, the BEST SHRIMP does 100% exports. The products of Atlas Meigoo are exported to countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, Taiwan, etc. The quality of shrimp is the most important requirement in the world market; hence, our organic shrimp can compete in international seafood markets. Atlas Meigoo products are grown in the best water quality conditions without the use of chemicals and drugs.

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