Branding and packaging of shrimp products in the world

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“Brand” is the image and identity of a product or service that a business offers; then, it is distinguished from other competitors by it.

“Branding” is a set of activities that a business uses to create a prominent image of its product or service in the users’ mind and to make itself famous, popular and create a sense of trust in the users. After using a product or service, branding makes people interested in the target brand and want to use it again.

Businesses spend a lot of money on branding yearly. Marketing, advertising, public relations and consumer services, campaigns, etc. are among the things that businesses use to make their brand known to people and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Why is branding important?

The most significant reason that shows the importance of branding is brand recognition by consumers. This recognition is more than a brand’s appearance or logo. The identity and personality of the brand must be recognized by people; Because it influences the consumers’ choice in the end.

Studies show that the world’s population is increasing rapidly and it is predicted to reach 9.6 billion people in 2030. One of the main concerns of societies is to provide food for the growing world population. The aquaculture industry, as one of the healthiest food products, has a lot to say. Shrimp is considered among the first ten species of farmed aquatic animals, and the shrimp farming industry is currently one of the fast-yielding and expandable economic activities in more than 60 countries.

In recent years, the effort of the shrimp farming industry, in addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, has been to develop exports and globalization. The activists of this industry are looking for their product and brand to be recognized in the world through various methods such as marketing and advertising and to somehow become a leader in this field. Will we see the emergence of forerunner brands in the shrimp farming industry? Will we see similar brands like Mercedes-Benz or Tesla in our industry?

Today, people care more about their diet especially in developed countries and governments are also trying to encourage people to use healthy foods. In a world where the competition between food industry producers is becoming more and more intensive, becoming a global brand is not an easy task. To achieve a global brand, the product must be in accordance with global consumer demand. In fact, the product must guarantee food safety, have quality control, protect the environment and be based on the production-to-use system. In other words, a good global brand says to the consumer: “Relax! I guarantee that you have bought the best possible product”.

The status of shrimp product branding in the world

In 2021, the global shrimp market had a revenue of 62 billion dollars.

In producing shrimp, the biggest countries are Ecuador, Thailand, Indonesia, America, India, China, Vietnam and etc.

Among the shrimp producing countries, only a few of them have been able to achieve the goal of branding successfully and send their products to the global market with unique branding and packaging. In some countries, especially in underdeveloped countries, due to reasons such as lack of effective marketing strategies, lack of proper economic and political infrastructure, weakness in human resources training, etc., branding has not been successfully formed and these countries sell products to intermediary countries without the name and brand.

According to statistics, the United States of America, China and the European Union are the largest importers of shrimp in the world. It is easy to predict that the most industrial and store brands of aquatic products are concentrated in these areas, which can be expressed in two ways:

1. They themselves import the primary product, including whole or headless raw shrimp and process them for their local market.

2. The finished product is directly imported from countries such as Vietnam and Ecuador to be sold in stores.

Of course, don’t forget that countries like China, Vietnam, and even Russia, while having high imports, have high re-export statistics for themselves. It shows that high imports do not necessarily mean high consumption and it is necessary to check the data to identify brands that this volume of product is re-exported by their brand filter.

It should be noted that due to the increase in awareness about sustainable shrimp and its demand, companies that use sustainable production methods are more successful in brand building.

Here, we will name five of the famous global brands in the shrimp industry:

1. Aqua Star

2. Fisho

3. Avanti

4. King Oscar

5. Chicken of the sea

Branding of shrimp product in Iran

Iran is one of the biggest producers of shrimp farming industry. In 2021, Iran’s farmed shrimp export has a revenue of about 150 million dollars. Due to the sanctions that have been imposed, and despite the excellent quality of Iranian shrimp and Iran’s high potential in producing farmed shrimp, Iranian shrimp is currently exported with a white box and without a brand to intermediate countries such as Oman, China, and Russia; then, it is re-exported to the global market with their brand and packaging.

Shrimp product packaging strategy in the world

In the shrimp industry, famous and global brands process and package their products according to consumer needs. Frozen headless and head-on shrimps, cooked shrimps, value-added shrimps, etc. are among the types of products that are offered in the world market. The consumers’ demand and desire are different in countries. For example, Chinese consumers prefer to buy raw and frozen shrimp and cook them at home. In fact, one of the important strategies of global branding is to be flexible to the demands of global consumers and produce and package products according to their needs and tastes.

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