Boiling fresh shrimp and the most delicious recipe of consuming it

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Imagine that you have just returned from shopping and bought some shrimp from the seafood market. You are probably tired and looking for a way to cook shrimp as quickly as possible. Of course, the taste is also important to you and you want to enjoy a delicious meal with your family.

First, we will list the customary ways to cook shrimp, then we will explain the easiest and fastest way in detail. So put down your shopping bags and stay with us until the end of the article.

How to cook shrimp depends a lot on your taste and lifestyle. If your taste is close to East Asian countries, you may prefer raw shrimp. If you are following a healthy diet, then fried shrimp may not be a suitable choice for you. Or if you are a lover of Mexican food, you will like the spicy cuisine.

The most common ways of cooking shrimp all over the world can be named: frying, grilling, roasting, steaming and boiling. Each of the mentioned methods has its own recipe.

The popular way of cooking shrimp, that we will cover in this article, is boiled shrimp. This is the simplest and fastest way to cook shrimp and preserves the taste and texture of shrimp. Now follow the recipe of boiled shrimp!

The recipe of boiled shrimp

First of all, the head of the shrimp should be removed, since its spoilage starts from its head. Of course, some sellers remove the head of the shrimp to prevent its spoilage. But if you buy the head-on shrimp, remove the head; next, it should be peeled and deveined.

Now, fill a pot with water. Add salt and a little lemon juice to it and boil it on high heat. Then, add the shrimps to the boiling water. Wait for the shrimp to turn pink and be in the shape of the letter c. Depending on the shrimps’ size, it will take 2-10 minutes to get shrimps cooked. Now it is time to transfer them to a bowl of water and ice. This is to stop the cooking process and preserve the texture of the shrimp.

Be careful not to boil your shrimp too much. If they are over-cooked, their meat will become rubbery and their texture will lose its softness.

Your shrimp is ready. As easy as can be!

Products prepared with boiled shrimp

In shrimp processing factories, boiling is considered one of the most used methods for preparing various types of finished and semi-finished products. Due to their ease of use, there is an increase in the demand for these products in the world market. Among the products that are prepared by boiling, we can mention canned shrimp, salad shrimp, tasty cooked shrimp, and tail-on or tailless frozen cooked shrimp.

Different recipe of serving boiled shrimp

You can liven up your boiled shrimp by adding some olive oil or use it to prepare a variety of foods. Let’s see together some recipes to serve boiled shrimp.

1. Shrimp salad: you can add boiled shrimps along with vegetables such as lettuce, bell peppers and olives in a dish, then add mustard sauce, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper and make a delicious mixed salad.

2. Shrimp soup: To make it, you can put the mixture of onion, milk, butter, flour, vegetables and carrots on the heat, next add the shrimps and stir them for five minutes, then it is ready.

3. Shrimp sandwich: It is a suitable choice for children. You can put cooked shrimps with mushrooms or potatoes in a baguette, pour mustard sauce, mayonnaise on it and enjoy.

4- Shrimp noodles: It is one of the favorite foods in Asian countries. You can easily flavour boiled shrimps with garlic, spices and soy sauce and add cooked noodles to it.

5- Shrimp pasta: If you are craving pasta, you can taste it with shrimp. It is enough to mix the pre-boiled shrimp with your pasta sauce and add spices to it. Then mix the cooked pasta with all the ingredients and serve it.

6- Shrimp cocktail: It is a popular appetizer that is mostly served at parties. First, boil carrots, celery, onions, garlic, lemon, parsley, and thyme, then drop the shrimp into it. Next, mix ketchup, hot sauce and Worcester sauce, pour into a glass and loop the shrimps on the edge of the glass.

By reading this article, it may persuade you to taste one of these delicious foods at the first opportunity. If you live in a place where fresh shrimp is not at hand, don’t worry. Today, frozen shrimp are easily available to consumers in the supermarkts. After defrosting, you can boil the frozen shrimps in water in the same order as we said and serve it as you like.

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