General activity

Atlasmeigoo (complete and Officially registered name ” Atlas Meigoo Khalij Fars) is our company’s official name.  We’re a  shrimp farmer, close to the Persian gulf  (south of Iran), there is a huge shrimp farming site, in this farm, there are small and big-sized companies active in farming shrimp, our farm is located here in this site. 

We also have an office in Bushehr city, please visit the contact us page to see our office and farm location.

Our products

We offer our customers 5 different types of shrimp including HOSO, HLSO, PUD, PTO, and PD shrimps, (please visit our products page for more information). We also have all the necessary processing equipment in order to deliver all kinds of final products. We also can offer variety of packing methods.

Our golas

We always pursue a great and valuable goal, which is to provide a healthy and high-quality product for consumers. In order to achieve this important goal, we use modern technologies and the best type of nutrition in accordance with global standards. Although the use of these items imposes high costs, supplying healthy products is our priority. This procedure is due to our social responsibility in which we care about the health of society.

Entrepreneurship is one of our main concerns. By creating jobs for both indigenous and non-indigenous job seekers, we are grateful for the unique blessings bestowed upon us. We are proud to announce that we have created about 100 direct and indirect job opportunities and we hope to expand our professional family in the future.

Social responsibilities

Although we can double our production rate easily by manipulating feeding systems and using inorganic nutrition for our farms, keeping our final product organic and healthy, is prior to our financial interests. This procedure comes from our social responsibility where we do care for society’s health.

Entrepreneurship is one of our main concerns as the region where the company is located, has been undergoing notable deprivation in many life aspects. Currently, we have created 12-60 job opportunities seasonally and over 100 jobs indirectly. for the locals and more than 100 more indirectly in the transportation and resellers field.

About CEO

Mr. Eslam Tashakori is the founder of Atlas Meigoo Khalij Fars Company. He was born in 1979. After graduating and military service, he started his ancestors’ job in Bushehr aquaculture retail market in 2003. Since 2010, he has expanded his activities in the forms of wholesale and retail in Iran markets. He established a Trading Company, Darya e Bikaran e of Bushehr, with the registration number 9680 and national ID of 10960036857 in 2012. Then, he studied international markets and started exporting aquatic products to target countries professionally. Due to his interest in the aquaculture industry, he established Atlas Meigoo Khalij Fars Company, with the registration number 10544 and national ID 14004483618, on October 22, 2014. Then, he started his activity in producing farmed shrimp in a rental land with an area of 20 hectares. By great effort, he could buy the desired land on 14/06/2021 then. His policy is to use up-to-date technology and knowledge in accordance with his activities. He has been employing the experts to increase the quantity and quality of production. He hopes to take over a significant part of the national and international markets for his company.
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